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Why S-O-L?

Over time, I found myself applying these 3 rules to every decision I make, and it has directly empowered me to live a happier life.

For a long time I've been asking myself this question:

How do my choices and actions affect mySelf, Others, and Life in the universe (S-O-L)?

When I've brought this awareness around my choices and started paying respect to Self, Others, and Life I felt better and rejuvenated - like my life had a higher purpose.

Let's break it down:

By doing/saying ___[ x ]___, we can affect/impact ___[ y ]___.

x = Whatever we have to respond to something that has 'happened', to the knowledge of our own consciousness.

Not everyone will notice everything that is around.

“If more people practiced this more often, I believe the world would light up because happiness is contagious. All we have to do is share it. Maybe one day all people on Earth will remember how to be happy. We were born happy.”

This mindset changed my life. It prompted me to start SolFoodTLV to help others realize their potential and how their choices can have a positive ripple effect.

I wish for you to live your life with a higher awareness and more appreciation for your Self, Others, and Life in the universe.

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