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Food For Positive Thought

Food is a great metaphor for what we choose to spend our time on Earth thinking about.

It's every passing moment, every passing thought - consciously and subconsciously.

It's who we are experiencing being.

It's our individual being experience.

Choose to see optimistic posts, allow the "algorhythms" [note: spelling, algo = mind; rhythms = musical reference].

Be mindful of what rhythms you want your drum to beat at, and that includes to think what you choose to watch before you click.

Be conscious of what you eat with your eyes - in visuals, in words, in campaigns, articles, mantras, etc.

Every movie you watch, every scene you are exposed to - on every sensory level including: taste, touch, smell, vision (what you are seeing through your eyes every passing moment), hear, and of course think.

*For a more in depth look into this see article: You Are What You Eat

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