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Sustainable Kitchen Solutions

Oh my goodness! I just finished my first day cooking with renewable energy. As a chef, climate ambassador, and someone who is passionate about education and positive impact, I can safely and proudly say that today one of my life's dreams have come true. That dream is that humanity will use its wisdom and its intelligence wisely. We will use our intelligence wisely and make our world a better place, together.

Today was an example of the future world that I believe can and will exist by putting our hearts and minds together, bringing the science, mathematics, our history, and the future we wish to see to build the foundations of what will be a sustainable future for all of humanity.

The way I see it, HomeBioGas is leading the way for sustainable solutions in renewable energies, impacting what is the most vulnerable part of our consumption cycle: food. Food is the most important and vulnerable thing when we look at the SDG’s at the moment and the way it can impact our quality of life on earth. If we don’t figure out how to change our systems thoroughly and quickly enough, then we'll have great challenges up ahead. But changing our systems will take time, so until then we need all hands on deck. Everyone of us in the world can do something on a daily basis because any action-even a fraction- makes a difference in the end. HomeBioGas is one way that we can all lessen the consumption of fossil fuels.

As a chef, I can tell you that we spend a lot of time "meditating over food.” In my case, it allowed for a lot of time to sit and think about the food cycle: where my food come from, how well I use it, how well I maximize all of the parts of it. At the end of the day when I’m calculating food in a restaurant or a catering gig of any kind every bite counts. If there is a mouth to feed and I haven’t calculated my recipe well enough to feed the people whom I am catering to, then that makes a big difference.

There’s also the price. Not only the price I pay for the ingredients at that moment. It is the long term price of the quality ingredients that I buy. When you think deeply enough about the entire process, you eventually get to the point of resource management, sustainability, and the biodegradability and other factors regarding the impact of our food and how it is sourced. That’s all part of what goes on in my mind as a chef when I’m cooking, preparing food, and feeding people.

This brings me to the part in this cycle where who we buy from matters: how they grow their food. HomeBioGas can also be used to show an example of the lifecycle of the food we eat. This makes for a lot better resource management because we have zero waste of any of the food that is edible.

Seeing the HomeBioGas system for myself - and using it - made me understand how simple it can be and how simple it will be when more of us use the technology of sustainable solutions such as this, that are on their way. Be sure to look out for more updates as we go along.

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