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Design Your Health

with Chef Moran Sol

Virtual and in-person wellness and lifestyle consultations

to help you navigate these crazy times. 

Family Cooking


Ease the load in feeding your family. Receive a tailor-made nutritional plan for you and your family based on your needs and budget, with recipe ideas.

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Yoga with a View



Wellness is about your whole self and creating balance between your mind, body, psyche. Especially during uncertain times, learn how to find your balance.

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From food storage to building meals on a budget to kitchen organization and efficiency, learn how to maximize your time and budget in the kitchen.

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Tailor-Made Family Nutrition



Improve your health (or your family’s health) in the kitchen, save time, money, and reach your goals with food and cooking.  



Discover the skills or kitchen organization tools that could help you reach your health goals, and help you survive the stressful time of Covid, while saving time and money. Learn about your (and/or your family’s) relationship with food, how this affects your meals, and ways you can be healthier and more efficient in the kitchen. You’ll gain cooking tips that can save you time, kitchen management tips, and discover recipes and go-to meals that can please even the pickiest eaters.   



Manage your (or your family’s) health during Covid. This is great for working parents, singles looking to up their knowledge of healthy food and introduce a healthier lifestyle. 


  • An assessment of you and/or your family’s overall relationship to food and cooking.

  • Advice on kitchen re-organization

  • Menu for your family with recipe ideas tailor-made for you

Tell us more about your needs using the button below and we'll create a tailor-made session for you. 

The Works - Wholistic Wellness


Program Objective:

Assess your WHOLE wellness and discover which foods can help all aspects of your health in order to reach the maximum potential and find your balance.



Learn about your body systems and how food can be used to create balance between ALL aspects of health, including the mind, body, soul, spirit, and psyche. There are so many things we could do to ‘treat’ our body: dance, pilates, yoga, Chi Kung (Qigong), etc. Different things work for different people, bodies and systems. 


We look at what defines your WHOLE wellness and how we recognize balance, and apply it to your individual body/system (how all the parts individually can influence each other). The Sol Food Philosophy is used here to discover what foods can maximize your individual body’s potential, methods of cooking in order to preserve nutrition, and ways we can use food as medicine. 


Proven Benefits:

Learn how to use the Sol Food Philosophy in your life and which foods can help you reach your maximum potential.


Activities Can Include:

  • Body / systems analysis and assessment, and how your lifestyle affects these systems

  • Lifestyle, resource management, and planning tools

  • How to source ingredients and different methods of preparing food

  • How to look to food as medicine

  • Ayerveda and Chi Kung (Qigong)

Tell us more about your needs using the button below and we can create a tailor-made session for you.

Food Resource Management


Program Objective:

Simplify cooking for yourself, become empowered in the kitchen, and learn how to save time and money in the kitchen.


Program Description:

What are the best and most budget-friendly ingredients that go a long way in the kitchen? Which food will last the longest? How can you better store food in order to maximize its freshness? What are great recipes with minimal ingredients?


Discover how your kitchen organization and layout can be more effective to cut down time on cooking. Learn how to build a budget around your food AND your kitchen, and ways you can prepare food in order to save you time and money. 


Proven Benefits:

Great for everyone who wants to streamline your kitchen, learn cooking methods and how to pick ingredients, and save time and money while cooking.


Activities Can Include:

  • Cooking tips & recipe ideas

  • Re-organizing your fridge / pantry

  • Tips on how to be more sustainable in your kitchen

Tell us more about your needs using the button below and we can create a tailor-made session for you. 

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The Works Wholistic Wellness - Details
Food Resource Management - Details
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