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Health Benefits of Watermelons + Bonus Recipe

You'll lose your rind over these Israeli watermelons and their many health benefits and uses!

Chef Moran Sol comparing Israeli watermelons on a Tel Aviv Food Tour
Chef Moran Sol Broza on a Tel Aviv Food Tour

It’s watermelon season in Israel and we can’t help but swoon over this simple yet magical fruit. Mosey round the Tel Aviv beaches in the summertime and you’re bound to see families munching on fresh watermelon - kids grabbing onto the rinds with both hands and biting right into the cherry-red fruit, the juice dripping slowly down their wrists. Fresh, cold watermelon topped with salty Bulgarian cheese is on the dessert menu in many Tel Aviv beachside restaurants. The food market vendors compete over who has the sweetest watermelons.

Grown in the Arava region and lower Galilee, watermelon is an Israeli summer staple. Israelis love watermelons - In fact in the summer of 2018, the average Israeli consumed 20kg of watermelon! Israeli farmers and scientists are even creating watermelons in various colors that are