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The Art & Sol of Food

Sol Food TLV combines the taste of Moran Sol Broza the Chef with the philosophy of Moran Sol Broza the Personality.

Moran Sol Broza the Chef, will make you TASTE with all of your SENSES the most delicious food you can get in Tel Aviv.

Trust her & her taste, and you will experience food like you never knew you can.

You will try things that you have never tried before.

You will discover taste buds that you didn’t even know you had.


Moran Broza the Personality will give you “Food For Positive Thought” based on "Sol", which represents the three basic values that guide Moran Sol's decision-making process, and is what she sees connecting Food, Art, Business & Culture:

Respect your Self

Respect Others

Respect Life in the universe

She believes that the metaphor of food can be used as a powerful empowerment tool if we think of designing our lives, like we design, plan and prepare a bolognese: from idea to execution and the choices we have to make along the way.

"I Invite You To Eat With Me"

“On my food tours, I invite you to be my guests and have an authentic local experience.

I've been with my hands in the kitchen since I was 2 years old, and for the past 15 years, I have been traveling, working and cooking as a professional chef all over the world.

I now call Tel Aviv my home and am finally introducing myself in the White City 'that never sleeps'.


I invite you to eat with me at my favorite places and meet the people behind the food and allow me to show you my TLV.”


Yours truly,

Moran Sol Broza