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About Sol Food TLV



Hi, I'm Chef Moran Sol Broza. Aside from being my middle name Sol stands for Self, Others, and Life in the universe. The “Sol Food Philosophy” is my philosophy of mindful living and how our choices affect not only ourselves, but our community and the world around us. This is what I see connects food, art, business, and culture, and is the core of my Tel Aviv food tours, cooking classes, wellness & lifestyle consultations, and corporate leadership sessions. Let me show you Tel Aviv, Israeli cuisine and culture through my eyes, my taste, and my philosophy.




I was born into a family that practices wellness. Raised in New Jersey, my mother made sure we ate healthy every day, and overall wellness and health was always in our consciousness. Many things I’ve learned about health, balance, emotional and mental well-being I got from my family--I’ve been practicing meditation since I was 8 years old, and I still use it to this day.


Growing up my family traveled often and I was exposed to different places, people, languages and culture (from red carpet events and music festivals, to favelas and slums, communal and non-profit events. Because of this I speak four languages: English, Hebrew, Spanish, and Portuguese. 


I have been calling Tel Aviv home for 15 years. I’m an experienced Cordon Bleu-trained chef, kitchen manager, and business consultant in the food and beverage industry. My experience ranges from 'dingy pubs' to managing Michelin star restaurants in London under top chefs such as Gordon Ramsey and Marcus Wareing. From concept to creation, I've consulted in menu-building, efficient kitchen operational systems, and staff training in restaurants such as: "The Secret Garden" in London to I Love Cupcakes, Idelson 10, Bakery 29, and Libra/Mika in Tel Aviv. 



My upbringing, culinary experience, as well as my studies in Adlerian positive psychology and sustainability, helped birth Sol Food Philosophy.


Sol - S-O-L stands for Self, Others, and Life in the Universe. The "Sol" philosophy "S-O-L" represents the three basic values that guide my decision-making and is what I see connects food, art, business & culture: Living your life with awareness and respect for Self, Others, and Life in the universe. 


The metaphor of food can be used as a powerful empowerment tool if we think of designing our lives like we design, plan and prepare a bolognese: from idea to execution and the choices we have to make along the way.  


Sol food philosophy is my guiding light. It takes practice and perseverance. Sol Food TLV is embodying and sharing this philosophy in Tel Aviv, connecting it to the people and the food. My mission is to share this knowledge, show you Tel Aviv, and make you feel it with all of your senses. Many of the things I learned I share in Sol Food’s market tours in Tel Aviv, wellness and lifestyle consultations and corporate leadership workshops

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